Jacqueline Lira

I’ve been drinking VIVRI™ for a year and a half and, even though I just drink Shake Me!™ now once a day, my body has continued becoming smaller and smaller. When I started taking VIVRI™, my metabolic age was of 40 and, on my last Challenge was of 29!!
VIVRI™ products are amazing, I really find a lot of benefits on them since I work, have 3 kids and I take care of my parents and help them, my body is always active and I know that, with Shake Me!™, which is practical and you can prepare it in only one minute, I have every nutrient my body needs, besides, my headaches are gone! Power Me!™ is great because it is giving me an impressive energy and it helps me with concentration; also, it is a great antioxidant!! And Cleanse Me!™ detoxifies me in a great way and the swollen stomach is now gone!!

Roberto Manuel Orozco

Thanks to VIVRI™ I lost 17.63 pounds in only 2 Challenges which has given me an incredible vitality; also, my hypertension disappeared and I feel great now that I am healthy.


Guillermo Bedolla

VIVRI™ is really practical, it helped me eating at the right time since my job is completely absorbing and I couldn’t follow a schedule when it came to my lunch time; besides losing 16.53 pounds and 2 sizes!!


Luz Elena Márquez

VIVRI™ has given me great advantages, losing 15.43 pounds and a size in only three Challenges, my skin and my hair got better since I used to have pimples in my arms and now they’re gone!! But the greatest advantage is the energy it gives me because, as a stylist I couldn’t make my meals appropriately, but thanks to VIVRI’s™ practicality , even if I’m busy I don’t have to skip my lunch time.
If somebody asks me why I’m still taking VIVRI™, it would be an easy answer, it is because nothing before had given me the energy that VIVRI™ does.

Sandra Ruelas

Thanks to VIVRI™ I lost weight fast, which was something I couldn’t achieve with anything before. After being a mom, my body wasn’t the same, but I’m recovering my figure thanks to VIVRI™!!! Best is, my skin is not flabby at all and, apart from giving me more energy, I forgot about my insomnia. VIVRI™ is just amazing!!!

Araceli Rivera

Here is the testimony of Araceli Rivera who, in only 10 days, accomplished to reduce her stomach’s swelling in an impressive way!!
“I spent more than 20 years like that and I had already resigned myself. People always asked me if I was pregnant due to my weight problem, but VIVRI™ helped me fighting it, even if I thought it was impossible!! The benefits I got were a better digestion and a change in my eating habits since I couldn’t drink water before and I was used to drink soda, and now I don’t really need it anymore. Besides my mood has improved a lot, I now feel better about myself, happier and quite motivated!!”

Paola Vargas

Do you love running and going to marathons and you want to have a higher performance? This is the story of Paola Vargas!

“I can say that VIVRI™ has improved my eating habits unbelievably, also my performance while working out. When I finish my workout I drink my shake and measure the calories burnt. And it is also delicious!!!

Yadira Barrios

On my first Challenge I lost 13.44 pounds, the equivalent to 8.5% of my body fat. For me, VIVRI™ is a really practical system based on time and adaptable to my lifestyle; I also have a lot of energy.
This last Challenge I made it with my husband, which made it easier since we supported each other and it was really nice to watch the changes in both of us.
I recommend VIVRI™ because it’s something that really helps you improving your health, and it also helps you losing weight.  Everything I was looking for I found it on VIVRI™. VIVRI™ changed my life because it made it easy for me to eat healthy!

Marco Antonio Torre

Do you want to improve your weight, health and energy? Here’s the story of Marco Antonio Torre!!

“In only 2 months and a half, I lost 62.83 pounds and 3 sizes thanks to VIVRI™! It also helped me improving my cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar levels, and gave me energy”

Eliza Valdéz

Eliza Valdéz started taking VIVRI™ because she had skin problems. After a year of taking VIVRI™, she diminished notably her skin problems and she feels so much relaxed and with less stress, this is her story:
“From the first day of my VIVRI™ Challenge I felt great, changes began immediately because I started having a better development at school and a lot of energy; before, I used to take a nap everyday but after that, I was still tired but after VIVRI™, I forgot about naps, because I had energy for all day long.
My digestion also improved in an optimum way because the swelling was gone.
I recommend VIVRI™ because it’s practical, a complete meal with high quality and efficient results!!!”