Jacqueline Lira

I’ve been drinking VIVRI™ for a year and a half and, even though I just drink Shake Me!™ now once a day, my body has continued becoming smaller and smaller. When I started taking VIVRI™, my metabolic age was of 40 and, on my last Challenge was of 29!!
VIVRI™ products are amazing, I really find a lot of benefits on them since I work, have 3 kids and I take care of my parents and help them, my body is always active and I know that, with Shake Me!™, which is practical and you can prepare it in only one minute, I have every nutrient my body needs, besides, my headaches are gone! Power Me!™ is great because it is giving me an impressive energy and it helps me with concentration; also, it is a great antioxidant!! And Cleanse Me!™ detoxifies me in a great way and the swollen stomach is now gone!!