Víctor Cabezut

VIVRI™ has brought me huge benefits! Apart from helping me improving my metabolic age, it helped me feel so much lighter, happier… I couldn’t sleep well but I’m finally able to sleep again; my pressure was always high but now I am stable!

Norma Villagrana

My Challenge was losing weight and sizes quickly, since I tried another strict treatments before and I only lost 6.61 pounds. And with VIVRI™, besides losing 16.53 pounds, I lost 2 sizes!!


Éber Isaac Ávalos

I love VIVRI™ primarily because of the health: mental alertness, physical energy, no stress and adequate functioning of all my drive, nervous and digestive system

Edgar Martínez

The cartilage on the left side of my hip is worn out, and, since I started taking VIVRI™ I don’t feel pain anymore!!

Fernando Retolaza Robles

I started with VIVRI™ two months ago and my metabolic age was 63, when I finished my Challenge my metabolic age diminished to 31!! My biological age is 39.

Today, my complexion went from obese to standard; in a month my cholesterol and triglycerides levels went from high to optimal. I feel really happy!!

Ileana Mercedes García

I love VIVRI™ because I’m back to the best version of me!!! I have more energy and I feel so much better related to my health and wellness

Cinthya Aguayo

I love Shake Me!™ because it is easy to prepare and you don’t feel hunger. It is totally complete meal that makes me feel satisfied and it doesn’t produce anxiety!!

Juan Pablo Gutiérrez

In addition to lose 11.02 pounds in only 10 days, I lost a size and improved my energy!


I have type 2 diabetes and, since I started taking VIVRI™, I didn´t have to  take my pills or insulin anymore

Gabriel Alejandro Navarro

VIVRI™ overcame my expectations!! I lost 12.78 pounds and 11 years of metabolic age, from 44 to 33, in only 10 days!! Thanks VIVRI™, I just couldn’t believe it!!