Pablo Torres Fernández

Since I started taking VIVRI™ I’ve lost 31 years of metabolic age, went from 65 to 34 year.s With VIVRI™ I am breaking every paradigm I know!!

Rebecca González

Rebecca González had taken artificial supplements for many years to suppress the eating anxiety and to have energy, which had secondary effects on her health.
“Now that I found VIVRI™, I feel happy to have a healthy life, with energy and achieving my ideal weight!! And with a contagious great attitude for those around me!!

Diana Rodríguez

Diana Rodríguez had as a principal goal to lower her grease percentage, which means consuming less calories but receiving the same nutrition!! And this was what happened thanks to VIVRI™!!
“I started with VIVRI™ 3 months ago and with VIVRI™ I haven’t only managed to lower my grease percentage but also to tone up my body and to have more energy and health while improving my nutrition. More than a diet it is a lifestyle unbelievably practical, delicious and easy to follow!!”

Alma de Loza Torres

VIVRI™ has been really good to me. In the past, my hypoglycemia would cause me to eat too much at times. I was scared of my sugar level lowering and that caused anxiety, and so, I would eat all day long, but now, thanks to VIVRI™, I’m over that!!

Carlos Omar López

Since I started the VIVRI™ Challenge I feel great!! I haven’t had anymore pressure or stomach problems and after losing 15 years in 10 days, I have a lot of energy, I feel less tired and in a better mood!

Sara Arreola

I love VIVRI™ because I feel great and I have a lot of energy. I feel as a completely different person.

Luis Armando Solano

Luis Armando Solano, who has lost 25.13 pounds in only 4 Challenges, shares with us his VIVRI™ experience.
“From the first Challenge, VIVRI™ exceeded my expectations, since, in 10 days I was able to lose 14.99 pounds!! I suffer from hypertension and, if I forget taking my pills for a day I still feel good, something that didn’t happen before. Even my cardiologist recommends VIVRI™!!
My self-esteem has improved, I feel happier and more confident to do more things! My energy has improved also since, due to my illness, sometimes at 2 or 3 pm I was already lying down but now with VIVRI™ I’m at my best!! “

Cony Cantú

For years, I’ve been looking for healthy choices for me and my family, and VIVRI™ has helped me making it effective, practical and simple! My hips have always been a problem for me when I try to lose weight, but, for my own surprise, I went from 41,33 to 38,58 inches, from a size 6 to a size 4 thanks to VIVRI™, besides feeling happy and motivated!!

Power Me!™ has been wonderful for me! I take it before my routine and it helps me sweat during my workout, something I couldn’t achieve before. And it also helps me a lot with my concentration and focus.

Thanks VIVRI™ for this healthy life experience!!

Araceli Tejeda

Araceli’s passion is to run!!! She’s been doing it for a long time. She had always been thin but she dreamed about having a toned body, something she wasn’t able to achieve despite her efforts. She tells us this was the reason why she decided to try the VIVRI™ Challenge, to see the results she could get and this is what happened:

“11 days later the results were amazing: 6.6 less pounds, toned arms and legs, and strong abs!! I’m happy!! I never thought I could make it in such a little time!”

Aaron Bernal

VIVRI™ has given me a complete transformation!! I´ve achieved losing 44,09 pounds, my mood, energy and self confidence have improved.

I feel great with all the products, and if someone asks me now for how long am I going to be taking VIVRI™, I would definitely say forever!!

I recommend VIVRI™ because it helps you be a better person!!