I started my first Challenge weighing 177.1 pounds. After the 10 days of the Challenge I got on the scale a little untrustfully because I didn’t feel great changes on my figure, but still, I was really surprised!! I had lost 11.44 pounds!! And also, my gastritis and colitis were gone. I must say that I used to take dance lessons for 6 years and I never lost weight.

Today, after three months of taking VIVRI™ I’ve managed to lose 30.8 pounds and three sizes; plus, I have a lot of energy, which gives me a high resistance during the day.

My life is before and after VIVRI™. I’ve accomplished to create a new lifestyle, one that makes me feel happy and complete. VIVRI™ changed my life, my shape and my health. Thanks VIVRI™!!!


I started my Challenge a little bit distrustfully, I thought it was impossible to see the results in only 10 days. On the 11th day I compared my before and after and I was astounded! I am really happy, I loved the product and now I am a LIV™. I lost 14.3 pounds!!


For me, VIVRI™ has been easy, practical and perfect!! Almost from the first day I started, I had a lot of energy, I wasn´t sleepy anymore after lunch and I didn´t feel my stomach swollen after every meal as usual. Before VIVRI™ there were days when I wouldn´t have breakfast, now there´s no way I´m stopping, Shake me!™ it´s the ideal breakfast!! I´ve enormously enjoyed taking the VIVRI™ CHALLENGE!! And people around me have noticed it. Best of all,I lost 11.42 pounds and three sizes!!



After three pregnancies I couldn´t recover my weight; I tried every diet, I went with a lot of nutriologists and I just couldn´t even stay stable. Someone invited me to try the VIVRI™ CHALLENGE, I started it gladly and my picture shows the results!! I lost 13.22 pounds, 3.15 inches and a size!

From all the changes I experienced, the reduction of a size was the most impressive one; now my skin feels softer and firmer, my cellulite it´s improving and even some stains from my face are lowering their intensity; I am in a good mood and I have a lot of energy; my anxiety disappeared almost completely and my iron levels are balanced now, which had been low since my pregnancy. I am happy!!




With two VIVRI™ Challenges, I lost 11.02 pounds and I feel amazing! It lessened the pain from my joints, especially in my back, and helped me lose those extra pounds making me look so much younger than before!!