Smoothie Bowl

The perfect guide to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

There are more and more healthy ways to eat creatively and deliciously. It’s good opportunity to name this new habit, which could be the flexitarianism. We’ll start by giving adequate space in our diets to fruits and vegetables, which generate so much energy and provide so many benefits for our bodies. But don’t worry!, you can continue cooking other foods at the same time.

In addition, these tips will make your dishes with fruits and vegetables look good, and even be delicious! Here are some ideas to make it so that changing the way you feed yourself can stop being bland and frustrating. Go ahead and give it a try!

1. Make smoothies and milkshakes. The varieties are endless. You can combine certain fruits with vegetables or even garnish them with things like cocoa and walnut!

2. Be creative. We know that the first sense that arouses the appetite is sight. Therefore, if a dish looks appetizing, you won’t refuse to try it. Play with your creativity and style, mix colors, textures and flavors. One way to do it is in mixed salads and smoothies.

3. When you go to the supermarket, consider buying organic. Also, take into consideration seasonal fruits and vegetables and which are not in the process of ripening.

4. Good placement of food in your kitchen is essential. Choose where you will put your fruits and vegetables so you always remember to use them in your dishes. We have already recommended using glass bowls to show how attractive nuts and neutral fruits are, for example.

5. Make sure that fruit is out of the fridge, except for those that are more delicate or that ripen faster, such as bananas and mangos. Then you could prepare delicious smoothies with them.

Green leafy vegetables should be kept cool. Wash them beforehand and keep them in a clean cloth.

6. Incorporate Shake Me!® into your diet. Did you think that this new lifestyle couldn’t be healthy and delicious at the same time? Shake Me!® contains a natural blend of 8 vegetable extracts from broccoli, spinach, carrots, and brussels sprouts, among others.

7. Creamed vegetables or homemade dressings. They are delicious and fast, and you don’t need a lot of vegetables to prepare them. Some options could be hummus, pesto, guacamole, cream of broccoli, cream of mushroom, cream of peas or onions, etc.

Use almond milk and extra virgin olive oil if you need these ingredients for preparing them.

8. Delicious snacks and bruschettas. Healthy is not incompatible with creativity and taste. There are a million combinations for snacks; the usual rustic bread with avocado, cucumber and wheat germ, or Greek yogurt with your favorite fruit, for example.

9. Prepare sautéed vegetables flavored with your favorite spices, or even with soy sauce, and accompany them with a lean meat fillet of your choice or any stew.

Being creative and getting rid of the idea that eating healthy is boring is the big secret!