Why eat healthy snacks? We give you 3 really good reasons!

Having a healthy snack is essential, why? If we analyze, how we feel after a big meal, in comparison to a small meal and after a couple hours have a snack? If you are one of the many people that don’t have snacks, start now! Here are some of the changes you will have:

 1-You will have more control over your weight.

 We all know that 80% of the weight we loose is a result of what we eat (the other 20% is exercise), so what we eat and how we eat it is crucial for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. When you only eat big meals 2 things happen:

A) you feel extremely uncomfortable and full

B) and after a few hours  your blood flow starts to slow down and with that, your energy.

 Healthy snacks are a great way to decrease the hunger and have energy during the whole day.  But the key to this is making sure to not have huge meals (making them completely healthy), and planning on time what snacks you will have.  Waiting To make this decision when you are hungry makes you take the worst decisions. So plan on time so you can find the correct balance!!

 2-Say goodbye to eating impulsively.

 As I mentioned before, the choices we make when we are hungry are not the best.  Make sure to never get to the point where ” I am starving!!!”, it is crucial to making the right decision. Think, have you ever gone grocery shopping hungry? If you have you might remember what your shopping cart looked like, like a trash can! Here is where healthy snacks come in! Eating a healthy snack at least once a day, helps you maintain your energy level and control on track, once you have this in order, you will have all the power!!

 3-Boost your productivity and your good mood.

 Throughout the day, heavy meals (full of carbohydrates, fats, and sugars), stress and mess with your energy levels. Picking smaller meals ( lean proteins, whole grains and vegetables) combined with healthy snacks (fruits and vegetables), make your fuel burn slowly, managing to have energy all day- eliminating the highs and lows that unhealthy choices make. This doesn’t just boost your mood, having more energy makes you feel less tired, and  allows you to  operate with your top potencial during your day activities.

 Their are a lot of options for healthy snacks, you just have to make sure they are nutritious , tasty, low calorie and healthy. You can use your creativity to snack without hindering your goal.