Fix these habits, lose weight faster

BLOG 131You never miss a workout, so are you still wondering why you’re not seeing results? One of these eating habits may be to blame.

  1. Skipping breakfast: if you’re trying to save calories, skipping your morning meal won’t help as much as you think. Not only will you be more apt to overeat later in the day, but also, a healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to tackle your day. In fact, many trainers and nutritionists recommend eating carbs as early in the day as possible in order to have time to burn them off during the day. So fuel up in the morning with a healthy breakfast of protein, fiber, and carbs, and then tackle your jam-packed day with ease.
  2. Not drinking enough water: be sure to sip water frequently throughout the day — not only will switching juice and soda for water save you calories, but also, making sure you’re not dehydrated will help you perform better during your workouts. Water is your weight-loss friend, so be sure to always have your bottle handy.
  3. Predinner snacking: snacking can be a powerful weight-loss tool if you do it right — but not if you grab a whole bag of chips after work. Keep the snacks healthy and low-calorie by taking those bagged processed foods out of your kitchen and replacing them with cut veggies or a bowl of fruit on your table. If you only have healthy snacks at the ready when you’re ravenous, you won’t need to eat a nutrient-empty, high-calorie snack.
  4. Eating a big dinner: skimping out on lunch in order to gorge at dinner? That may not be the best idea if you want to slim down. Studies have shown that those who eat their biggest meals earlier in the day lose the most weight. While you should be sure you’re eating an adequate amount of calories throughout the day, following a strategy of tapering meal size throughout the day can help you see results.
  5. Going for seconds: when you’re trying to lose weight, portions count. Be sure you’re eating enough to feel satisfied while still paying attention to those portion sizes. And once you’ve filled that plate, enjoy your meal slowly and mindfully so you don’t feel the need to go back for more.