Blast cellulite with this workout

If you want to reshape your legs while at the same time reducing cellulite, this workout is for you. Resistance training is a type of exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. When performing this type of training it is expected that gains will be made in strength, tone, mass and endurance. The most commonly used equipment in resistance training are dumbbells, weighted barbells, exercise machines and workout/resistance bands.

Resistance training workout

This routine involves lifting heavier weight and performing few repetitions.  It’s important to lift weight heavy enough to be challenging while at the same time maintaining correct form.

This workout is designed for either the gym or home gym. A workout partner recommended for spotting. This cellulite reducing workout is most effective when combined with a clean eating menu plan.

– Leg Press – 6 reps; 3 sets

Fix Your Form

– Box Squats – 6 reps; 3 sets



– Stiff Legged Deadlifts – 10 reps; 3 sets



– Leg Extensions – 6 reps; 3 sets

leg press


– Leg Curls – 6 reps; 3 sets



In order to gain the most benefit from this or any workout, it is important to set aside 30 – 45 minutes for performing this workout. Also track your progress which will help determining if and when you should increase the weight, repetitions or sets.