Fit Runner

Benefits of Running

Why not start to not only appreciate sports and watch competitions on TV or from the stands, but also practicing them? Thinking about our well-being is the key to get started on improving it, and we bet that you’ve always wanted to do it. It’s just about making the right choice.

The gym isn’t everything, and especially if you have already led a fairly sedentary life you will have to start out slowly. You could even choose a sport at random and then analyze which one is the best for you according to your progress and tastes, because the goal is to enjoy it and continue doing it.

In the spectrum between exercises for beginners and sports for professionals, running is ideal for everyone and you choose the level of progress. You don’t need a coach or to go to a certain indoor place to make the most of it. In fact, it is completely the opposite. It’s a free and exciting sport! Why? We’ll tell you…

Time completely to yourself:

If what you are looking for in addition to keeping fit, being energetic and in good health is not making your exercise a time for boasting and commotion, you can opt to take a few minutes out of your day, get comfortable and leave the house without any explanations. If you prefer, running can be an independent sport.

You and your music playlist:

Playing your favorite music at home while you are busy or trying to bring headphones to a gym in the middle of so much equipment may not be the best option. But if you are a runner, the road is yours, and you have plenty of space, and besides, running is an exercise completely open to relaxation and releasing stress.

More athletic:

Breathing and speed levels, and their synergy and control seem complicated, right? But it’s just a matter of being constant and calm, because especially when running, the body fills with oxygen, taking it to your muscles and impacting your strength and athletic performance in general. In addition, running improves the cardiorespiratory system, since it makes the heart much stronger.

Strengthening bones and joints:

Running increases bone density and is one of the sports in which the greatest number of muscles are worked. But, in order for the toning process to be impeccable, a diet rich in calcium and protein is needed, which you can have in a healthy and super delicious way with Shake Me!®

Helps to get better rest and healthy sleep:

If after a day of work, you release energy through exercise, at night will be the perfect time for your body to recharge with new energy, which can only happen if you sleep well and running makes the difference.

Group runs:

If it is motivating for you to bring a companion on your walk, of course it is also possible for running. There are registrations for classes and races at different levels, in which you can start with the additional goal of meeting new people, finding support and people with common interests.

It is also a social cause:

It could be said that running is a noble sport and seeks to unify people around the world or at least in the same geographical area, and that on countless occasions, marathons have benefitted a good cause with solidarity events. Do you need any more reasons to burn off all your energy and leave it on the track?

Take running with you when you travel:

Of course you know, running can be done anywhere, because wherever you are, there will be a good place to go out and relax while running. In addition, if you have already started to take running to another level, you will venture to races and marathons in other parts of the world, such as New York, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, and many more!

Personal fulfillment:

Running can be a professional activity or just the beginning of an athletic life in which you have increased strength and courage to try out another sport. Start by setting goals of two kilometers and you could be pleasantly surprised to find that you actually ran six kilometers. Additionally, setting goals and reaching them little by little will give you the confidence to attain any goal.

Running is a sport that will never go out of style. It increases optimism and there will always be a good time to go for a run. You already have 9 reasons to wake up your inner runner and there are many more, go for them!