I didn´t believe in VIVRI™,but when I started taking it I immediately felt a lot of energy, I increased my work out routine and the results were amazing! I also felt great and my allergy (the same that I had for years) wasn´t bothering me anymore, even when I stopped taking my pills! I had a really big belly that I couldn´t lost with anything before, and in 10 days it dissapeared thanks to VIVRI™!

My digestive system improved. I never thought that having a good nutrition could make me lose weight, and certainly not in 10 days!! It was amazing for me to find out that I lost 22.93 pounds, that really motivated me and nowadays I am sharing it with all of my friends and acquaintances. Is one of the most amazing experiences I´ve had in my entire life. I´m 37 years old and I´m so happy!! I´m getting closer to the best version of myself. Thanks VIVRI™!



Since I started with my Challenge, I had more energy, I felt my stomach more comfortable because it used to be swollen, I lost 11.02 pounds and I had more resistance to do my job and while working out. I feel great drinking VIVRI™!



I lost 8.8 pounds and I lost my belly that looked like a 7-month pregnancy. I love VIVRI™!


I would love to share my testimony, since it represents a health testimony. I´d been using VIVRI™ for 10 days now and I feel super enthusiastic and with a lot of energy to go to the gym. I usually work out for two hours daily and knowing in advance that I had a surgery – a cornea transplant- VIVRI™ helped me feel enthusiastic and with a lot of energy  even after that  surgery that was really complicated for me. Continuing with VIVRI™ has helped me having a greater recovery and not to be depressed since the only thing I have lost is weight! Even with my cortisone dose and not being able to work out my 2 hours as always.

Definitely VIVRI™ is a product that help everybody who´s having a surgery, of course always consulting previously with our doctor. Thanks VIVRI™!!



After a long search for recovering my health, losing weight and improving my body functions, today I am close to reach it. I started my VIVRI™ Challenges weighing 308.21 pounds. I was uncomfortable, I felt heavy and, as some people told me, it seemed like I did everything on a slow motion. On my first Challenge I lost 19.18 pounds. After a lot of years of only increasing my weight, this was a great motivation and my family, friends and wife´s support who has helped me continue with the Challenge non stop.

Today I weigh 229.28 pounds and my physical condition is better than years ago, I went down 12 sizes in only 7 Challenges, I´m still trying to reach my goal that is getting to 176.37 pounds and we are going to make it!!



The benefits that I got from the Challenge were a lot, I felt with a lot more energy to make my daily activities and at the end of the day I still had a lot of energy to  be able to play with my kids, my whims disappeared, now I eat smaller portions and I feel satisfied, I feel good about myself because I know I´m doing something good for my health and my image, and I know that with VIVRI™ it´s easier to get to my goal!! I lost 19.58 pounds!!


To me, the Challenge was a big change in my life, it helped me reduce my abs and waist, it help me to reduce the swelling, I felt with energy despite of working out, my skin feels softer and smoother, and I lost 5.72 pounds, 2.36 inches from my waist, 2.76 from my hips in 10 days! I used to make diets and the most weight I could lose were 1.32 pounds, and that´s the reason why I am so happy with VIVRI™, and now I´m learning how to take care of my health and my body!!


I had my doubts about starting the Challenge, but since my wife started selling it, I thought: “It´s only 10 days, let´s try it!” since I had a while looking and feeling fatter than ever. I started losing a lot of weight, on the first 4 days I had lost 6.61 pounds, I was really excited when I felt my clothes looser so I kept going until I finished the Challenge. I lost 8.8 pounds in total and 2 sizes. Now I just continue eating healthy and I´m still loosing weight, which is amazing for me.


Everytime I started a diet I felt tired and got  headaches, so the anxiety didn´t allow me to continue with the diet. Today, thanks to VIVRI™ and in less than 4 months, I´ve changed my life completely!! Losing 37.4 pounds, improving my health and releasing the migraine. Thanks VIVRI™!!


VIVRI™ has given me the best results without sacrificing myself on diets like  I did in the past!! It´s been the best change in my life!!