Girl Drinking Water

Why love the habit of drinking water?

We are in the era of practicality, so walking fast and finding the simplest way to do things is the order of the day, like having several soft drinks or processed juices in the fridge. It is necessary to understand that our body requires attention and time and, of course, healthy habits. It is likely that now you do not completely affect that routine where water barely peeks into your diet, but in the long term it could be regrettable.

Surely you’ve heard that you should drink at least two liters of water a day, but you really know why, how, or at what time is it most favorable for your body? Remember that it is never too late to change your life, and after listening to the great benefits of water, you can not avoid taking it all the time!

Your body is water:

If we are more than 70% water, this tells us that we simply will not work without it, since it intervenes in almost all our physiological processes. The first benefit is the elimination of toxins, preventing them from being absorbed by our body and causing diseases.

Detox effect:

Drinking water is the best start to achieve a detox treatment, consume more water exercises the diuresis, helping the kidneys to get rid of waste and unnecessary nutrients through the urine, as well as make the concentrated minerals more soluble.

Fasting is the first time to receive the benefits of water in all its splendor. One or two glasses of water will be enough to activate your metabolism, stimulate digestion and help the brain cells receive better oxygenation. If the water is warm or at room temperature, its benefits are greater when boosting the purification process.


If the habit of drinking water, combine it with fiber intake, you are doing well, because it depends on staying away from constipation. Water is essential in the dissolution of nutrients so that they are absorbed and transported to the cells.


Water is also a great ally when it comes to looking prettier. It improves the elasticity and tonicity of the skin, and prevents the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Choose a non-disposable container:

Take your Shaker everywhere, so you will not need to buy bottled water ever. This practice does have positive effects on your health. Since we have heard that drinking from a plastic bottle might not be such a good idea for your well-being and not for the environment either.

An important fact is that when exposing plastic bottles to heat, such as walking with it in the sun, carrying it in the car’s cup holder or having it in the gym in hot weather, the plastic layers marked with recycling codes 3 or 7, they release a component called bisphenol that is highly detrimental to health, and the problem is that when it is ingested, it alters and modifies the proper functioning of the endocrine system.

Take pleasure in water?

Of course it is important to learn to take love to this habit, as if it were a vital part of our body, because in fact, it is. But from time to time during the day you can vary the way you consume it, the water can be alternated with other foods, as long as they are productive for our body, such as infusions, natural fruits or Cleanse Me! ® !, a refreshing explosion of flavor and low in calories.

Do not forget to drink water constantly during the day and not wait to have that annoying feeling of thirst, which also speaks of an early dehydration. And remember that you can also get it from fruits and vegetables, which provide a large amount of water.