Girl Boxing

Boxing is for Girls: Reasons to Practice Female Boxing!

We’re not necessarily talking about becoming a professional boxer, or are we? It’s up to you and the enthusiasm we know that boxing can awaken once you start doing it.

The benefits of boxing are for everyone, but for years it was a something pursued more by a male crowd. Today, girls are crushing that taboo and have even turned boxing into a big trend.

Get started in a boxing class? Yes, definitely! Punching bag? Gloves? Wraps? Positions? You won’t know if it’s your thing if you don’t give it a try.

Boxing is a different sport and like every practice, it has its own benefits, which are captivating! We will tell you about the benefits, why so many celebrities are signing up for boxing and becoming fans.

Improve your physical endurance:

Thanks to cardiovascular exercise, your heart becomes stronger, and your breathing control for any activity improves considerably.

Tone and strengthen:

We’re talking about the “complicated” areas: abs, legs and arms. Practicing before a possible match will develop all the muscles in your body, and you will work on your power and reactions each time you practice, without needing to be in a ring.

But surprise! Boxing not only focuses on your legs and arms; its main focus areas are the abdominals and buttocks.

Don’t forget that a healthy diet is super necessary at this point and to give you the energy that you need at each practice. Shake Me!® contains 8 sources of vegetable protein and 45 essential nutrients, as well as being a great source of fiber. It is definitely your best option!

Stronger muscles:

We know that any progress in muscle strengthening may depend on each person’s genetics, but of course this activity’s popularity also depends to a large extent on the sport that you play. Boxing focuses on the abdominal waist, biceps, triceps and the main support in the leg muscles.


At this point you should know that the focus of boxing is mostly the “attack”, but of course in unfortunate circumstances, we could set the goals of boxing as “defense.” Taking into account the self-assurance that you build in yourself with this sport, as well as the different techniques learned, it works as a good method of self-defense!

It’s fun and adaptable:

Now that you’ve discovered boxing, you have the opportunity to put other skills into practice and break the routine of playing more conventional sports. Also, if it’s not your thing to go for boxing 100% and you need variety in your movements, you can combine fitness classics with boxing techniques, such as kickboxing, karate, mixed martial arts, French boxing, etc.

Anti-stress practice:

Since this sport is more than just “boxing”, as it includes increasing intensity during warm-up, as well as sets of sit-ups, squats and lunges at the fitness level, becoming agile and relaxed at the end is inevitable. When boxing, the adrenaline rush is liberating, making it an impressive anti-stress therapy.

Burn calories and lose weight in a healthy way:

From now on you can forget about hard workouts at the gym and other exercises to “lose weight” like you’ve known up to this point, since boxing combines all the necessary cardio to burn calories while having fun. Of course, it will be hard, but it will be worth it.

Emotions and mental impact:

Clearly we’re referring to gaining high levels of confidence, boxing stimulates that assurance you already have in yourself and allows you combat against yourself and your complexes, in addition to gaining an impeccable winner’s mentality. You will go beyond your “limits” and realize that they do not really exist! You will learn from yourself, from discipline and perseverance.

Now that you’ve come across a punching bag and gloves, don’t hesitate to give them a chance. Put yourself to the test in this sport full of skills… Go for it!

¿Quieres un abdomen increíble?

Repite estos 3 simples movimientos 3-4 veces antes de ir a la cama. Lo maravilloso de esto es que puedes hacerlo desde tu cama, ¡¡no hay problema!! En un par de semanas tu núcleo estará notablemente más fuerte.

Haz 20 repeticiones de cada uno, y haz la rutina cuantas veces puedas. Aumenta gradualmente la rutina conforme pase el tiempo.