Tone every part in 30 minutes!!

This workout is perfect to squeeze in to tone every muscle in the body to boost your metabolism. Begin warming up by jogging for 15 minutes. You may add 20 minutes of cardio at the end if you have more time.

Single leg squat with a tricep extension

Tones the outer thighs, glutes, inner thighs and back of the arms!!

Cross one leg over the other while balancing keeping your abs engaged. Sit back 45 degrees, keeping your knee in line with your ankle. As you sit back, bend your elbows with your arms close to your ears. Extend up squeezing your tricep muscles and driving your weight into your heels. Repeat on one leg for 20-30 times repetitions.



Lunge to a lower ab & shoulder toner

Standing tall with your abs engaged, lunge back bending your legs at 90 degrees. Push all your weight into your front heel and stand back up, balancing and lifting one knee up, squeezing your lower abs. As you stand up, bring your arms up toning your shoulders. Repeat on one leg for 20-30 repetitions.



Triangle love handle

Tones the glutes, core and obliques.

In a triangle pose have your right foot forward and your left foot at 90 degrees. Make sure your hips are square and your glutes and abs are tight. Bending at the hips, touch down toward the top of your foot inhaling. Exhale as you return to the starting position. Repeat on one leg for 20-30 repetitions.



Abs flutter

Tones the thighs, lower and upper abs and shoulders.

Begin laying on your back. Lift your shoulders blades and legs off of the ground, squeezing your abs. Alternate your legs, scissoring and fluttering your legs. Make sure you breathe throughout the entire exercise. Repeat 20-30 flutters.



Tuck and reach

Strengthens the lower back, postural muscles, and creates balance in your core and glutes.

Begin on all fours. Extending your right arm forward and your left lef back, stabilize and balancing with your lower back, shoulders and glutes. Crunch your right elbow into your left knee, squeezing your abs, then return to the starting position. Repeat on one leg for 20-30 repetitions.



Repeat entire circuit 3 times!!!