How VIVRI™ Changed my Life (A Student’s Story)

Senior year in college is probably the most challenging moment in a student’s life, you are only one step away from finally achieving a college degree, but at this point you are fatigued, burnt out, and yet you have the most demanding semester ahead of you. I was a student with huge ambitions, great aspirations, and living in Los Angeles; one of the toughest and most competitive cities in the world. I was determined to be someone great, and make my family proud. My father always said, “don’t bite off more than you can chew”, but I wanted to eat the world. I should have paid attention to his words, because soon enough I found myself in the most demanding lifestyle I had ever experienced; it was at this time when I was first introduced to VIVRI™, it became my biggest ally, it gave me everything I needed to take on the world.

It was in december of my senior year in college, at the time I began an internship, worked full-time after class and weekends, was active in various business clubs and social clubs, networked heavily, was involved in a student-run record label, and still had to attend classes and study sessions.

Life became extremely demanding and before I knew it I didn’t even have time to eat or sleep. I was constantly fatigued, and yet I wanted to find a solution without giving up my demanding lifestyle, as everything in my life had a higher purpose, or so I felt.

I visited my mother one day and I remember her telling me as soon as we sat down to chat, “Son you look exhausted”. I told her about all the exciting things I was doing, yet how tired I always was, and how bad my diet had become because of the lack of time to eat properly or find a fast and easy alternative to a meal.

She at the time had some product, VIVRI™, and told me a little about it, all I knew is that it was a meal replacement shake, and she said “whenever you don’t have time to eat just drink this shake, it’s easy, you just add water and shake it”. I took a couple of Shake Me!™ containers back to my dorm and began my experience with VIVRI™.

I started in the mornings just taking my shaker and mixing the powder with water and shaking it as I headed to class, drinking the product on the way, and I would have my second shake in the evening between class and work. I also had this product, Power Me!™, that was supposed to give me energy because of B vitamins; this I would drink whenever I felt tired or before study sessions.

Soon enough I started becoming more productive, I had more energy, more time, better nutrition, and although the semester was still very demanding, I was able to stay on top of my responsibilities and my due dates. Life became a lot more simple, and soon enough I fell in love with VIVRI™.

I never intended to lose weight with the product, but as the semester went on, I found myself getting thinner in a healthy way, and it was a nice little extra to it all, that came to me as a surprise. Over the course of the six months, I went from 245 lbs. to 188 lbs., being 6’2″ and reaching my ideal weight, I finished the semester and my internship feeling and looking better than ever in my life!

I lost over 50 lbs with VIVRI™, yet I had more energy than ever. I felt that the benefit of time, as was my priority, was the most amazing and necessary factor at that time. If it had not been because of Shake Me!™ and Power Me!™, I would not have been able to finish my last semester of college.

I found VIVRI™ in a time of my life where it came to the rescue, and I thanked my mother for it greatly too. I still drink the product to this day, it has been 3 years, and I have been a size 32 since. With VIVRI™, I really did discover the best version of myself.