Going Green: The Lifestyle

“Going Green” is a term used heavily throughout various communities and networks these days, referring to a movement whose main purpose is to save or recreate the environment.  But what is Going Green? Going Green is a conscious awakening to the notion that our home and it’s resources are limited, and that we as the dominant species of the planet have the ability to ensure that we care for, respect and share those resources with all its inhabitants.


Living a green lifestyle in actuality is a lot more simple than it seems, all it takes is time and steps; it isn’t going to happen overnight, but just like any other change of lifestyle, the sooner you start the easier it will get in the long run.


How can I go green? Begin by making small changes to yourself; the way you eat, the products you use, the places you buy, and soon after you can continue with your home, and eventually you will be going green at the office, on weekends and on vacation.


Start by appreciating your body. Everything is an ecosystem, from the probiotics in your body to the animals in the wild. Eat healthy, and procure that what you put in your body benefits it greatly by being rich in nutritional value, this way you can love your body and your body can love you back. A great way to care for the probiotics in your body are prebiotics, prebiotics are substances that induce the growth or activity of microorganisms that contribute to the well-being of their host. The Fibersym™ and Fibregum™ contained in Cleanse Me!™ are a great example of a prebiotic.


Farmer’s markets are a great way of purchasing locally produced fruit and vegetables. When you purchase locally grown food you support your community and you reduce the need for long-distance transportation which can affect the quality of your food and the environment.


Take time to interact with nature; go for a hike, cycle in the woods or go camping with your friends and family, the more time you spend in the great outdoors the more you come to appreciate it, and the greater the desire to protect it, not to mention the fresh air and the exercise bring great benefits to your body. Always pick up your trash and dispose of it in the proper places assigned for trash, and be weary of fully extinguishing any campfires before leaving them unattended.


At home begin with saving energy and water, the two most important resources in our community. Turn off any unnecessary lights, especially during the night. Make sure you save water by closing all water taps and taking short showers. Separate your trash and recycle, it is easier to separate at home and it will ensure that resources can be re-used, reducing the need for new resources.
By starting with ourselves we can really make a difference, all it takes is a little effort and soon we can join the movement towards a new era in the evolution of our species!