Bring your beauty and style to the GYM

Don’t just focus on the results, enjoy the journey and keep up your enthusiasm, beauty and determination at all times. Yes, going to the gym is for training, but it doesn’t have to mean losing your glamor or forgetting to naturally look beautiful. Remember the message of self-visualization: the way you perceive yourself, is how others will see you. Take note of the following tips we have for you.


Going to the gym is not about following the latest fashions. One way to radiate confidence is to feel comfortable, and we’re not talking about wearing too loose or baggy clothes, since it could be counterproductive and dangerous between the gym equipment, but to be comfortable. Dressing in layers is a fun way to put together your outfit, for example making contrasts by choosing the color of your sports top and the color of your sweatshirt, among other combinations.

Training shoes:

This is a point to highlight your style, provided that the shoe is appropriate for the exercise you have chosen to do. You could highlight the simplicity of your sweatshirt and leggings that often contain gray colors with a pair of shoes selected for your originality and style.


Ideally you would let your skin perspire properly, with your face free from cosmetic residue, but it is not exactly a rule. If you choose to put on make-up, consider waterproof mascara, and if you want to add a little color, try to slightly combine the color of your blush and lipstick.

Don’t put too much makeup on as this could clog your pores and don’t forget to wash it off later.


Putting your hair up or in a ponytail will never go out of style, plus it is carefree and even sexy. If you are going to be sweating a little more, wearing a headband is a good choice, because in addition to adding a touch to your outfit, it can keep sweat off your face.

Gym bag:

The days when you went everywhere with just two things in your hand are now a part of the past. Nowadays, you need more than just a towel and a water bottle. You can choose gym bags that match your outfits, and they can be big or small depending on your needs, but you definitely need a towel, shampoo, facial cleansers, sunscreen, an extra jacket, and of course a shaker with liquids.

Yes to the sauna:

Steam rooms and saunas have impressive therapeutic benefits for your skin, reducing muscle tension and also stimulating perspiration, opening pores and significantly cleansing your skin. You can also complement these effects by using masks or other products, since heat enhances the activation of the ingredients, you could even take advantage of a gentle facial exfoliation, among other treatments.

Radiate while you exercise:

Exercise along with sun protection and mild facial cleansing will improve the quality of your skin. We’ve heard it before, “you are what you eat”, but if in addition to your training you have a healthy diet and eat at the right times, your skin will glow even more. Include natural proteins, fiber and nutrients in your diet and even during your routines. Do you know what includes all these stellar nutrients and more? Shake Me! ® of course!

As we can see, it is possible to be radiant before, during and after training; motivation and confidence are key. Now that your beauty doubts have been solved, you don’t have any more excuses!