Cardio exercises to heat

Before we begin our sports activity our muscles, joints, and body temperature are not 100% ready to take on a challenge, so it’s very important to get them ready and prepare our body for the exercise routine.

Here are 4 exercises that are perfect to warm up before a workout. You can choose the ones that work best for you or perform them all in a circuit fashion.

Do you want to do it as a complete circuit? Perform each exercise from half a minute to one minute. Complete 4 to 5 sets, resting for 30 seconds between each one.

  • JUMPS WITH FEET TOGETHER: Increase your heart rate by jumping with your feet together, do it forward / backward and from side to side.
  • STRING JUMPS: It is not necessary to have a rope. You can pretend you have one in your hands, but if you have one, use it! Just remember to keep your back straight, do not lean forward when jumping, put your feet together and keep your buttocks, legs and core firm throughout the exercise. Place the arms at a 45º angle and do circular movement with your wrists as if you were using a jumping rope.
  • YOGUI: Place your legs open to your hip’s width, raise the right knee to your chest or as high as you can, alternate arms, and pull your left elbow back while raising the knee. Change sides and repeat. Make sure your remains straight during exercise. The faster you do it the better the results.
  • JUMPING JACKS: Place your feet together and hands to your sides, jump opening your legs at around your hip’s width while raising your arms stretched over your head. Return to the initial position and repeat.